Scholarships and Grants for Families of Children with Special Needs in Bronx, New York

Are you a family of a child with special needs in Bronx looking for financial assistance? You may be eligible for various scholarships & grants that can help you cover your child's education costs.

Scholarships and Grants for Families of Children with Special Needs in Bronx, New York

Are you a family of a child with special needs in Bronx, New York looking for financial assistance? You may be eligible for a variety of scholarships and grants that can help you cover the costs of your child's education. The ABC Law Center Cerebral Palsy Scholarship, Schwaille Family Scholarship, and RiSE Scholarship are all available to families of children with special needs. Lexie's Law provides scholarships through scholarship and tuition organizations for students with special needs to attend private schools. The Catholic Education Foundation offers scholarships for children in Catholic schools in Los Angeles, while the Roothbert Fund scholarships are open to everyone in the United States.

The Roothbert Fund does not emphasize any particular form of religious practice or worship, but seeks to provide support to people motivated by spiritual values. The Fund has awarded individuals entering a wide range of careers, with special preference given to graduate students and undergraduate students who have completed their studies. The Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley offer scholarship opportunities to students across the region. Community Foundations manage scholarship funds established by individuals, families, corporations, and organizations to help high school students and other students seek educational opportunities to help them achieve and exceed their goals.

The New York Water Environment Association (NYWEA) promotes the sustainable management of clean water quality through science, education, and training. NYWEA also promotes the professional well-being of its members, providing opportunities to expand their knowledge and capabilities, and cultivating a forum that allows them to play a vital role in shaping an environmentally friendly future. Regis High School has been empowering students from all backgrounds to seek academic excellence in a vibrant Catholic community for more than 90 years. The Admissions Office notifies students of their eligibility upon acceptance, with merit scholarships remaining in effect for up to four years of undergraduate study provided that certain criteria are met.

The Baltimore Educational Scholarship Trust offers scholarships to low-income African-American students in grades PreK-12 in the greater Baltimore area to attend a participating school. Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarship provides special needs vouchers to children who have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and who attended public school in Oklahoma the previous school year. The Teak Scholarship helps talented New York City students from low-income families get admitted to and succeed at top high schools and universities. Age is an important factor when determining eligibility for certain scholarships and opportunities for former and current adoptive youth (especially the age when they are placed in foster care and the age when they are adopted).

The Wight Foundation offers scholarships based on family income to attend boarding schools in New England and the Mid-Atlantic. The Cleveland Scholarship and Mentoring Program awards scholarships to students in grades K-8 living in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District to attend private school. The Inner-City Scholarship Fund provides funding to 86 elementary and 21 high schools in some of the poorest neighborhoods in Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island. The National Association of Independent Car Dealers offers several scholarship opportunities for exceptional high school seniors interested in pursuing a career in the automotive industry.

Because New York is home to the most populous city in the United States, there are numerous such scholarship opportunities available. The Trust has supported New York City's nonprofit animal care sector through grants to provide veterinary and humanitarian care for more than 30 years. Knott Scholarship Funds awards scholarships to academically talented Catholic students who want to continue their education at a Catholic school within certain areas of the Archdiocese of Baltimore. The Institute for Quality Education provides Indiana parents with information on how to choose the education that best suits their children's needs, including guidance on how to apply for Indiana's scholarship, voucher, and tax credit programs.

Delaware KIDS FUND offers scholarships for students in grades K-12, including those with special needs. The Inner-City Scholarship Fund changes lives for the better by providing families with demonstrable financial needs the opportunity to provide their children with a quality, value-based K-12 Catholic education within the Archdiocese of New York. Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESAs) create educational savings accounts for students with special needs that can be used for tuition, fees, online education, educational therapies, tutoring, tests, and higher education courses.